About Us

About Us

Cleanbox is a premium brand product for two-wheeler care, wash, and detailing services located in Bandung. Cleanbox was established in January 2020.

The name “Cleanbox” itself is taken from our mission that we offer “clean” in “box” which means our workshop.

So we have a vision that once your vehicle is in our “box”, your vehicle will come out as “clean” as possible.

The cleanliness of your 2-wheeled vehicle in all and detail part is our priority

Using our local products from cleanbox and several other selected types of products, we offer treatments that can keep your two-wheeled vehicle clean and well-maintained.

We also offer local products from cleanbox that you can use yourself very easily.

Cleanbox also has several kind of treatments that can be adjust to the needs of your vehicle.

Your satisfaction is our priority.

” Happiness Is a Freshly Cleaned Bike “